Crazy ideas about shares

Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Fri Jan 22 03:24:59 GMT 1999


I was looking at some the FAQ's in the doc tree, and came across a
reference to the logon script (if one exists) having something like:


in it, with the obvious intent that %L is a macro replaces with the LOGIN
servers NetBIOS name or some such.  

Well, it doesn't work that way at all, AFAICT, but, it could.

Once could implement a file system that allowed the contents to be
processed by standard_sub as they are handed out to the client.  Possibly
of marginal utility, except in the case of files in the NETLOGON share.

One could also implement a share called SAMBACONFIG where the directories
are the names of all the sections in the smb.conf file, and the files in
these directories are the names of all the parameters in that section, and
the contents of the files are simply the values of the parameters. 

Reading such a file returns the value of the parameter, while writing such
a file changes the paramter.  Writes of incorrect values could be ignored
or might cause errors.

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