Solution to my own problem (hacked together) use if looks good

Tim Potter Tim.Potter at
Thu Jan 21 23:51:56 GMT 1999

Dan Kaminsky writes:

> >I suppose I should be updating the interfaces line in my smb.conf in that
> >case each time the IP changes.
> Samba should tie itself to an interface, not to an IP.  That's why it's
> *interfaces*, not IP's :-)

Speaking of interfaces and IPs, does anyone else think it would be a
good idea to be able to associate IP addresses with specific netbios
names?  I'm mucking around with a number of machines with dual
ethernet/ATM interfaces and it would be nice to have samba available
on both interfaces but be able to choose which interface to use.

>From looking through the nmbd source (and having a play) it seems that
all netbios names are advertised on all interfaces and it shouldn't be
too hard to modify to do what I want.


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