Solution to my own problem (hacked together) use if looks good to

Dan Kaminsky effugas at
Thu Jan 21 11:00:17 GMT 1999

>The tar.gz files I've attached are the same files I used on a slackware
>distribution of linux to work with dhcpcd to change the IP address listed
>in the /etc/hosts file each time dhcpcd gets new information about its IP.
>I don't know if this should be built into samba as a configuration setting
>so you can specify to watch eth0 or eth1 for the correct IP or if it
>should be part of dhcpcd.

Samba shouldn't touch the /etc/hosts file.  Period.  Not its domain.  dhcpcd
operates at that layer--Samba is an application, whereas dhcpcd is a network
level reconfigurator.


Samba *does* have IP dependances inside the interfaces command.   Can
someone post if:

1)  interfaces can use IP information from the hosts file
2)  samba watches the hosts file for updates and changes the interface'd IPs
if the file changes?

Did you already submit your code to the dhcpcd crew?  It seems quite useful.

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