Does SMBdskattr in smbclient support large filesystems?

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Wed Jan 20 17:44:57 GMT 1999

> I was also confused by Luke's recent message in samba-cvs about not
> comitting changes to multiple branches - surely this includes bug fixes?
> I would have thought it was couth to commit bug fixes in all branches
> where the bug is present.

yeah, i'm a bit bad about that, jeremy's picked me up on it a couple of
times.  however, in the rpc area i'm really not too concerned about bugs
in SAMBA_2_0 branch and haven't been since mid-november: it really
shouldn't be being used, but there you go: i haven't fixed the issues in
the main branch so i'm being really stupid, basically.

i seem to be capable of working on samba in fits and starts...


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