Smbpasswd ignores unix password sync option

Frank Hartung frankh at
Tue Jan 19 18:31:26 GMT 1999


this my second report to the same problem. Nobody answered the first
time, so may be the description was to bad or something else... Ok, here
is a more technical description of the smbpasswd error. Let me scetch
the way of a new password for local (smbpasswd) and remote password
change (smbd).

chgpasswd.c: pass_oem_change (...)
{ ...
if (unix_password_change) chgpasswd /* The password chat */
change_oem_password (executes more ore less mod_smbpwd_entry) /* modify
the smbpassword */

smbpasschange.c: local_password_change (...)
mod_smbpwd_entry /* modify the smbpassword */

I think, in the smbpasswd local password procedure is something missing.
Is this right or is there a trick to make smbpasswd change the unix
password database thru passwd program. Answers are very welcome...

Frank Hartung

Dipl. Phys. Frank Hartung

Institut fuer Materialphysik der Universitaet Goettingen
Hospitalstr. 3-7
D-37073 Goettingen GERMANY

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