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You say you have tried all the suggestions in spped(2).txt?... read
prediction option? oplocks options? TCP_NODELAY? Is the cdrom you are
comparing with the same speed? Is the linux machine a 386? :) 
..... just throwing out all the questions I have......
just about _every_ benchmark and personal tests I have done clearly point
to the fact that 
samba outperforms NT file sharing. If you have tried all the examples in
speed & speed2.txt 
you can just about eliminate samba as your bottleneck. start looking for
more standard network
problems, linux kernel 2.0.36+ will tell you how many collisions are
happening on the line 
( `cat /proc/net/dev` and check out the column named "colls") or just check
out your hub if it has a collision indicator, do a tcpdump, check it out,
just start eliminating the possibilities and you eventually find the

At 03:37 PM 1/19/99 +1100, you wrote:
>I am setting up a Linux server with Samba to act as a cdrom file server.
>I have several training cd's from ViaGrafix which I would like to make
>available across the network. After setting up the server and testing
>out the first cd, I noticed the video was a little choppy. I upgraded
>the test network to 100 mb cards and hup. The video speed increased but
>was still choppy here and there. Meanwhile my boss, installed and tested
>an NT server on his network at home and to our surprise no choppy video.
>The training video ran smooth as silk. We noticed the NT server was
>passing out the data at a faster rate. It appears NT is sending the data
>in a constant stream and win95 is buffering the data as it plays the
>video. Whereas the Linux server seems to be sending the data only when
>the Win95 is requesting it. I do believe NT and Win95 are doing a better
>job of buffering the data.
>I have reviewed every option in the Speed.txt and Speed2.txt documents
>to no avail. We really want to use Linux/Samba because of the low cost
>but the big guys are becoming impatient. You guys are my last hope. Any
>suggestions are welcome.
>Thanks ahead
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