Gentry L. Williams gentry at
Tue Jan 19 04:36:34 GMT 1999

I am setting up a Linux server with Samba to act as a cdrom file server.
I have several training cd's from ViaGrafix which I would like to make
available across the network. After setting up the server and testing
out the first cd, I noticed the video was a little choppy. I upgraded
the test network to 100 mb cards and hup. The video speed increased but
was still choppy here and there. Meanwhile my boss, installed and tested
an NT server on his network at home and to our surprise no choppy video.
The training video ran smooth as silk. We noticed the NT server was
passing out the data at a faster rate. It appears NT is sending the data
in a constant stream and win95 is buffering the data as it plays the
video. Whereas the Linux server seems to be sending the data only when
the Win95 is requesting it. I do believe NT and Win95 are doing a better
job of buffering the data.

I have reviewed every option in the Speed.txt and Speed2.txt documents
to no avail. We really want to use Linux/Samba because of the low cost
but the big guys are becoming impatient. You guys are my last hope. Any
suggestions are welcome.

Thanks ahead

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