Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at switchboard.net
Sun Jan 17 17:56:56 GMT 1999

On Mon, 18 Jan 1999, Hernan Ochoa wrote:

> what is rpcclient?

DCE/RPC SMB client program.
> and it is used? it says you have to specify
> a service name, i do, but it always refuses
> to connect.

unix$ rpcclient -S server_name -U username -W domain -l log_file
smb:> help
> and i have a valid user/passwd pair and enough
> privileges.

must specify domain as well otherwise it will read smb.conf file for the
domain name, which could be different.

> and how does LDAP stands for?.

lightweight directory access protocol (if i am corrected, i stand

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