smbclient mask and mget command too complicated

Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Sun Jan 17 04:46:31 GMT 1999


I have just been investigating the smbclient mask and mget commands, and
find them hellishly complicated.

In the 'mget mask' command, the mask filters remote files retrieved, unless
recurse mode is on, in which case mask filters the directories that are
recursed into and a separate mask, manipulated via the mask command filters
the files retrieved.

Ummm, this seems soooo convoluted.  It seems to me that the mask specified
on the mget command should always refer to file, and the mask specified on
the mask command applies to directories.

I do not have time to change this now, but would look to doing so once I
have some time, in a month or two, if no one has any objections.  

This also helps to guarantee a second edition of the any books that may be
written about now :-)

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