smbclient and no more -P

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Sat Jan 16 11:43:57 GMT 1999

> Do all servers understand that convention?  What happens if someone out
> there is still using Samba to access an old server, perhaps Lan Man,
> Will this new approach break someone's carefully crafted setup?

actually, I think I remember seeing some reports that the old
smbclient didn't work with CORE servers anymore anyway, so we probably
didn't lose anything, but we could gain something by adding proper
support in if you feel like doing it. A lot more needs changing than
just the ???? stuff though, you need to use Tcon instead of TconX, and
you can't use session_setup. You also have to use different
read/write/open calls etc. It isn't a one line fix :)

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