Samba Problem!

yu chee yuct_yu at
Sat Jan 16 02:34:20 GMT 1999

I had implemented Samba in my linux box and windows 95 box. At linux
box, I had edit file /etc/services, /etc/inetd.conf and /etc/smb.conf,
and I test with command "testparm" and "smbclient -L Win95hostname".
The results are fine. However, when I use command "net view
\\LinuxHostname" from Win95 box, an error message:"The specified
computer is not receiving requests. Make sure you type the computer
name correctly, or try again later when the remote computer is
available." I am pretty sure the Linux box name is correct because the
Win95 box can detect the Linux box at Network Neighborhood. I can find
nmbd  at Linux box process status list but not smbd although file
/etc/inetd.conf has entry "netbios -ssn stream tcp nowait root
/usr/sbin/smbd smbd". Can somebody help me?

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