Samba 2.0 released.

Tony Hoyle tmh at
Fri Jan 15 15:26:18 GMT 1999

I just downloaded 2.0.0, and am having problems compiling (I had no problems
with the beta versions).

The version I downloaded is samba.2.0.0.tar.gz and is 202862 bytes long - is
the correct one?

I have tried a couple of configurations:

./configure --with-smbmount --with-automount --with-smbwrapper --libdir=/etc

Compiling smbwrapper/smbw.c with -fpic
smbwrapper/smbw.c:1448: warning: `struct dirent64' declared inside parameter
smbwrapper/smbw.c:1448: warning: its scope is only this definition or
smbwrapper/smbw.c:1448: warning: which is probably not what you want.
smbwrapper/smbw.c: In function `dirent64_convert':
smbwrapper/smbw.c:1450: dereferencing pointer to incomplete type
smbwrapper/smbw.c:1451: dereferencing pointer to incomplete type
smbwrapper/smbw.c:1452: dereferencing pointer to incomplete type
smbwrapper/smbw.c:1453: dereferencing pointer to incomplete type
make: *** [smbwrapper/smbw.po] Error 1

./configure --with-smbmount --with-automount --libdir=/etc

gives errors:

Compiling client/smbmount.c
client/smbmount.c:24: linux/version.h: No such file or directory
client/smbmount.c:27: #error this code will only compile on versions of
linux af
ter 2.1.70
make: *** [client/smbmount.o] Error 1

If I comment the code that expects version.h it compiles but there are the
following problems:

1.  (This has existed in nearly all 2.0.0 betas as well) NT Clients are
unable to authenticate without an smbpasswd entry for each user.  This means
you have to maintain two sets of passwords for each user - this is bad.

2.  swat does not run.  swat -a segfaults just after the '<TR><TD
BGCOLOR="ddddd0"> line.
3.  'hosts allow' does not work with swat.  If it is present it denies
access from all clients, including localhost.
4.  Shares do not work.  When you view a share with explorer it shows a
large number of folders, all with blank names, instead of the files.

smb.conf attached.

I am running Linux 2.2.0-pre7-ac2, glibc 2.0.107.

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