no document info sent to samba (was re: printing spool mods)

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Thu Jan 14 10:16:38 GMT 1999

> Between the SMBopenAndX and SMBwrite Windows clients send an
> undocumented IOCTL (device category 0x53, function 0x60). This is
> apparently to obtain a job number, which is then sent to the server
> in the PrintJobInfo RAP.

ahh, I wondered if it might be the ioctl. 

I think this means it's time we did the ioctl code properly. We
probably need a source/smbd/ioctl.c which has functions for each ioctl
operation (currently just one) in a table and returns ERRnosupport for
any unknown operations.

I don't think we should just hack it to return success for all ioctls
as we tried this once before and it led to problems (I can't remember
what the problems were, but I do remember that it led to us disabling
the code).

Matt, do you feel like taking on the ioctls? (do you have CVS access?)

It would also be worthwhile adding a ioctl command to smbclient so we
can generate arbitrary ioctls on demand, allowing us to see how NT

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