runaway smbd process looping on SIGCLD

Todd Pfaff todd at edge.cis.McMaster.CA
Tue Jan 12 21:52:49 GMT 1999

I'm now experiencing this same problem (runaway smbd process looping on
sigcld) in other instances.  I can't pinpoint what causes it to start as I
could with smbpasswd and unix password sync (ie. it's not as obvious that
when I do X I get a runaway smbd, whereas this consistently happens with
smbpasswd and unix password sync) but it's happened enough times today to
be very troublesome.

What else can I do to help you track this down?  I don't think it was
happening in 2.0.0beta4 so I may have to revert to that version if we
don't find a fix for beta5 and later.

On Mon, 11 Jan 1999, Jeremy Allison wrote:

> Date: Mon, 11 Jan 1999 10:20:55 -0800
> From: Jeremy Allison <jallison at>
> To: todd at edge.cis.McMaster.CA
> Cc: Multiple recipients of list <samba-technical at>
> Subject: Re: unix password sync problem in samba-2.0.0beta5
> Todd Pfaff wrote:
> > 
> > samba-2.0.0beta5
> > built on Solaris 2.5 with gcc-2.7.2
> > running on Solaris 2.5.1
> > 
> > I'm trying to track down a problem I'm having using unix password sync in
> > samba-2.0.0beta5.  I've noticed some funkiness with the SIGCLD handling in
> > smbd/chgpasswd.c.  It seems that after an smbpasswd is run and unix
> > password sync is being used, an smbd is left behind, rapidly spinning it
> > wheels.  A truss of the process shows it stuck doing the following:
> > 
> Yeah I changed the SIGCLD handling for beta5 as it was
> incorrectly eating the process return value in the old
> SIGCLD handler (that's what the new CatchChildLeaveStatus()
> function is for).
> Can you run with debug level 10 and check what the forked
> child is doing. It should just run the password sync program
> then exit (and the SIGCLD should be caught by the parent).
> Cheers,
> 	Jeremy Allison,
> 	Samba Team.
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