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Tue Jan 12 08:24:00 GMT 1999

On 12 Jan 99, at 16:12, Richard Sharpe wrote about installscripts:
> Hi folks,
> I got to thinking about how to ensure that all the scripts that Samba
> installs use the correct shell.
> I am thinking of modifying $(srcdir)/scripts/ so that it
> takes an extra argument and changes each script to that the shell that is
> used is changed to the extra argument passed.
> Can anyone see any problems with this?  Do I need autoconf tests to figure
> out which shell should be used? I am in need of getopts functionality,
> which is only provided by ksh under some operating systems (Digital UNIX,
> HP-UX ...).
Dear Richard,

Just checked HPUX 10.20. getopts is supported by the POSIX compliant 
sh-shell (in /usr/bin/sh). Only the old (and obsolete) Bourne-sh (in 
/usr/old/bin/sh) doesn't support it. I don't know if you can check 
which shell is present in /usr/bin/sh (Bourne or Posix). Maybe this 
can be resolved by an autoconf test? At least if choosing for another 
shell, its presence should be checked first.


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