Problem appeared to be caused by timeouts

Dan "Effugas" Kaminsky effugas at
Wed Jan 13 05:13:15 GMT 1999

Hurm.  It was so simple, I never thought about it.

There was a Win95 box on the network with 3(count 'em, three) TCP/IP stacks,
two of which were functioning enough to send out dupe packets.  fping rooted
'em out(uhhh, I'm looking for a Jenn who used to live in Swig :-) and I
fixed 'em.  Stuff still didn't work.  I noted that tcpd took a *long* time
to run.  Ditched TCP Wrappers, hope that wasn't too dumb :-)  But now the
thing seems to work, even though Samba isn't even mentioned in inetd.conf.

Why?  My theory, and it's somewhat backed up by packet traces, is that if
Windows doesn't get the signal it wants fast just gives up.
Timeout.  Poof.

Heh, I just hack here...

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