Troubling Problems: Samba Simply Not Working?

Dan "Effugas" Kaminsky effugas at
Tue Jan 12 23:06:42 GMT 1999

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Date: Monday, January 11, 1999 2:24 PM
Subject: Re: Troubling Problems: Samba Simply Not Working?

>> Of course, our network has some *funky* stuff on it.  We don't have
>> hubs, but somehow(and this is weird) it is impossible to sniff other
>> traffic.  It all shows up as bad packets if it isn't addressed to you.
> You dont have 'secure' hubs do you. Before switching became 'cheap' there
>were a spate of 'secure' shared media hubs that some how had enough
>to scramble packets not meant for any MAC on that port. Presumably they had
>the MAC address learning part of a switch but not the crosspoint switching
>matrix, but a packet mangler on each output that mangled anything not meant
>for that interface. At least thats how I understood the 'secure' non
>hubs working.

Ah!  Thought I was goin' nuts.  Anyway they're 3Com Linkbuilders.

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