Troubling Problems: Samba Simply Not Working?

Matthew Geier matthew at
Mon Jan 11 22:13:46 GMT 1999

> Of course, our network has some *funky* stuff on it.  We don't have switched
> hubs, but somehow(and this is weird) it is impossible to sniff other users'
> traffic.  It all shows up as bad packets if it isn't addressed to you.  Now,

 You dont have 'secure' hubs do you. Before switching became 'cheap' there
were a spate of 'secure' shared media hubs that some how had enough inteligence
to scramble packets not meant for any MAC on that port. Presumably they had
the MAC address learning part of a switch but not the crosspoint switching
matrix, but a packet mangler on each output that mangled anything not meant
for that interface. At least thats how I understood the 'secure' non switched
hubs working.

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