Midnight Commander and SMB

Dan M. shem at warehouse.net
Thu Jan 7 19:52:32 GMT 1999

Dear Juan,

i have a page up a http://www.s-it.com.au/gmc/ describing my efforts
to get smbwrapper and a fairly recently cvs gmc cooperating. It worked
for me with a little hacking so it should work with vanilla MC. There's
a couple of pictures of gmc with the workgroup, share and directory

Hoping this can be of some help,

Daniel Morriss
Simplicity IT
Melbourne, Australia

Juan Grigera wrote:
> Hi all,
> I hope this qualifies as a samba-tech question.
> I am contributing the Midnight Commander file manager
> project, and I am evaluating different ways of adding samba support
> to it.
> What is the samba developers recomendation for that?
> smblib seems outdated, and without support. Is
> smbwrapper a simple frontend to other library?
> The MC Virtual File System is becoming a key concept
> in gnome project, and a samba VFS would be nice to have,
> but my question is which C interface should I use (i.e. smbwrapper
> is fine, but maybe a native VFS is better, just maybe).
> I would thank you very much suggestions in this problem,
> and some input on smblib, smbwrapper status.
> Regards,
> Juan Grigera
> P.D. please cc. me as I'm not on the list.

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