LDAP stuff (was Re: LDAP client requires smbpasswd encrypt t

Allan Bjorklund allan at umich.edu
Fri Jan 8 00:58:17 GMT 1999

On 07-Jan-99 Allan Bjorklund wrote:
>  (What is it they say about people who talk to themselves in email?)

   Whatever it is, I should try it more often.  I found the next two
SIGSEGVs and got it to work.

   The first bug was that the groupdb_ops structure in
groupdb/groupldap.c was incomplete.  It was missing entries for
del_group_entry, add_group_member, and del_group_member.  I placed NULL
place holders in for them and was then able to get further along to
ldap_search() before encountering another SIGSEGV.

   This second SIGSEGV was caused by a call to ldapgroup_getusergroups()
also in groupdb/groupldap.c.  It was making a call to ldap_search
without insuring that there was a connection open to the LDAP server and
thus passing a NULL for the struct_ldap  parameter.

   I added a check for struct_ldap being NULL in
ldapgroup_getusergroups() and if it is, call ldap_open_connection and
set a flag so the connection gets closed before leaving the function.

   It appears to work as I'm now able to log in from Win95 and NT 4.0.

   I'll put together some patches and send them out tomorrow.  I've
been here way too long today.


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