LDAP client requires smbpasswd encrypt tool

Anton Roeckseisen Anton_Roeckseisen at genua.de
Thu Jan 7 07:49:11 GMT 1999

Hi Alan,

> I did consider grabbing all the sources and modifying smbpasswd so it
> only prints the line that it would add to the smbpasswd file. but since
> my C is a little rusty I was hoping that someone else might have done
> this. either that or is there an easier way of generating the password
> in Perl/PHP? - neither seem to have libraries for MD4 encryption!!. and
> I could not gather how the program generates the 2 different encrypted
> data pieces.

You might have a look at http://boserup.QAL.Berkeley.EDU/~aperrin/tips/ and the mkntpwd-Tool available from there. This should held doing your work.

	 Anton Roeckseisen

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