LDAP client requires smbpasswd encrypt tool

Alan Knowles alan_k at HK.Super.NET
Wed Jan 6 01:57:25 GMT 1999


Sorry for busting into the tech group rather than just plain samba, but
from the archives, there seems to be more interest/knowledge/discussion
on LDAP integration here.

I am developing an open source PHP web based LDAP navigation/editor tool
at present, and would like to add samba support - eg. the samba
objectclasses. You have discussed the schema in the list so I have a
number of questions

Is there a repositry of the 'finalised???' schema?

The idea behind the LDAP explorer is that it can change user passwords,
after logging into the system. From my reading of the documentation, to
do this for samba would entail

User logs into LDAP db on web page(ldap xplorer/pref. securely).

User accesses his information, and edits it.

the userPasswrd field for a PosixAccount/sambaAccount would generate a
crypted field in userPasswd for UNIX, then would have to automatically
generate the smbpasswd attributes from the original password.
I had a look through the source on CVS, from what I gather, (it pretty
much as documented).. It does an MD4 encryption of the password with
some other value???
I did consider grabbing all the sources and modifying smbpasswd so it
only prints the line that it would add to the smbpasswd file. but since
my C is a little rusty I was hoping that someone else might have done
this. either that or is there an easier way of generating the password
in Perl/PHP? - neither seem to have libraries for MD4 encryption!!. and
I could not gather how the program generates the 2 different encrypted
data pieces.

Thanks for any help/advice

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