Progress report

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Fri Feb 26 18:23:35 GMT 1999

> A major drawback is speed. The merger has created an smbpasswd file
> 4000+ lines long, and with 124 unix groups it makes
> authentication/logon procedures happen at a bit slow side.

actually we found that with some unixen the speed was limited by getpwnam
calls not by private/smbpasswd, which is a bit wierd.

> I've been trying to implement a mysql database for passdb, but been
> running into problems. 

you have???  you implemented a password database api for sql??  you want
us to check it in to the cvs tree for you, so other people can have a

is it for cvs-main or 2_0?  cvs-main would be best.

> Samba suffers a SEGV when a mysql_connect call
> is made within check_oem_password, which happens to be the stuff that
> deals with changing passwords. It works fine in all other places that
> I've noticed.


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