unnecessary rpc code removed from SAMBA_2_0

Michael H. Warfield mhw at wittsend.com
Wed Feb 24 21:09:56 GMT 1999

Jeremy Allison enscribed thusly:
> Ok, Luke and I had a long chat :-). It turned out he didn't
> realise I was using a lot of that code as a testbed for
> a re-design of the RPC subsystem.

> I've reinstated it (with his approval).

	Good deal...

> I don't think the "MS will issue a KB article" on Samba
> is any real threat. Broken clients are broken clients,
> there's nothing that we can do about that :-).

> On another topic, we are preparing to release 2.0.3
> as there are several important bugfixes currently in
> the 2.0 tree that are improvements over 2.0.2. To 
> prevent another "brown paper bad" incident like 2.0.1
> I would like to request that people on the samba-technical
> list who have anon CVS access set up do an update and
> test out the 2.0 code.

> I'm doing lots of regression testing here at the moment
> but as 2.0.1 showed - I sometimes miss something :-) :-).

	I know testing the smbmount stuff falls to me since the rest
of the team doesn't use it...  :-)

	I've got a few fixes that are already committed in for smbmount in
2.0.3 but was begining to think about some of the rework that's been put off.

	One thing that seems to come up often, and is going to get MUCH
worse as people upgrade to the 2.2.x linux kernels, is the interactive
command prompt in smbmount.

	Smbmount was based on smbclient and smbclient supports a lot of
interactive commands.  Smbmount only supports the mount command and does
not need to be an "interactive" command.  If someone has failed to
specify the mount command on the command line, chances are REAL GOOD
that they either made a mistake or were using the old syntax anyways.

	What I would like to do is completely disable the interactive
prompt and generate an error if the mount command is not on the command
line.  I can then make that a sensible usage error message to drive
home the point that the syntax is not the same as the old smbfs version.

	Any objections?  Thoughts?  Wisecracks?

> Cheers,

> 	Jeremy Allison,
> 	Samba Team.

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