unnecessary rpc code removed from SAMBA_2_0

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at switchboard.net
Wed Feb 24 19:58:17 GMT 1999

> Ok, Luke and I had a long chat :-). It turned out he didn't

not as long as some.  pretty amicable, too.

> realise I was using a lot of that code as a testbed for
> a re-design of the RPC subsystem.

i didn't realise jeremy was doing a testbed redesign of the rpc subsystem.
> I've reinstated it (with his approval).

he has.  i did.  it wasn't so much approval as you calmed me down, which
is good enough :)

> On another topic, we are preparing to release 2.0.3
> as there are several important bugfixes currently in
> the 2.0 tree that are improvements over 2.0.2. To 
> prevent another "brown paper bag" incident like 2.0.1
> I would like to request that people on the samba-technical
> list who have anon CVS access set up do an update and
> test out the 2.0 code.

branch tag SAMBA_2_0.

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