weird stuff with old 2.0.0 pre pre7

Michael D. Ivey ivey at
Wed Feb 24 15:58:19 GMT 1999

We're still running a cvs snapshot that is a pre-release of pre7.
Things have been fine, so we haven't done anything.  Then, today, the
NT server decided it couldn't contact the domain server.  No config
changes in months.

So, I went throught the usual steps:

    o	delete smbpasswd entry and re-create it
    o	remove machine from domain
    o	re-join domain...nope, can't contact domain server

When the NT server is in the workgroup REALM (as opposed to the domain
REALM), it can see the network and everything, but of course I have to
have a password for IPC$ if I try and get to NT.

The only reason I even have this box, is that Act! refuses to play
nicely with if someone can solve THAT for me, I can drop
the damn box altogether.

Any suggestions?  All I need is a workaround to get to Act! from

merci much.


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