Reproduced ?: SERIOUS BUG: loosing files

Pierre MONDIE pm at
Tue Feb 23 17:21:40 GMT 1999

Please forgive my poor English.

	I believe, yet I'm unsure that I reproduced Stephan Nehlsen problem on a
basic redhat station I do not operate after a similar request : a quick
change to oplocks related options (disable all firstly, seems to work,
ok_who's_next) seemed to solve the problem, which looks due to client-side
caching -the client was some kind of a RAD winapp. and/or maybe variable
default configuration for various distributions.

IMHO : Oplocks are great for performance but may introduce problems due to
the various and broad usages samba now has, especially if oplocks are faked
by smbd. Maybe this should be better mentionned in the FAQ : most samba
users are not experimented enough with SMB concepts to undertstand fully
what an oplock is.

At 19:51 23/02/99 +1100, Stefan Nehlsen wrote:
>> Stefan Nehlsen wrote:
>> > If smbd is writing to a file and there is no more disk space available,
>> > smbd reports an error to the client and the file is truncated.
>> > I think this is normal unix behaviour, but it's not compatible to
>> > windows users.

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