SERIOUS BUG: loosing files if hard quota exceeded (or disk full (?))

David Collier-Brown davecb at Canada.Sun.COM
Mon Feb 22 14:02:31 GMT 1999

Stefan Nehlsen wrote:
> If smbd is writing to a file and there is no more disk space available,
> smbd reports an error to the client and the file is truncated.
> I think this is normal unix behaviour, but it's not compatible to
> windows users.

	What does Windows assume?   Certainly not that it can continue
	to write past the end of the disk (;-))

	When I overfill a floppy on my wife's machine, the last file present
	is the last one which fit...  is this what you're referring to?

	If so, and assuming identical clients, there may be a difference 
	in what NT reports to the client versis Samba... can you capture
	the differening netwrok sessions, perchance? If so, you'll
	probably want to mail them in as a bug report via

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