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Tim Winders twinders at
Mon Feb 15 22:50:59 GMT 1999

On Tue, 16 Feb 1999, Richard Sharpe wrote:

> Hi Tim,
> At 07:43 AM 2/16/99 +1100, Tim Winders wrote:
> >I'm confused.  I have the following lines in my smb.conf file (2.0.2,
> >btw):
> >
> >interfaces =
> >bind interfaces only = Yes
> >
> >The system also have an additional interface of  If I
> >block TCP/UDP ports 137-139 on my router and then try to do
> >
> >	smbclient -L another_host
> >
> >I never get a response from the remote host.  When I look at the router
> >logs, I see that packets have been dropped on that router interface
> >because of the filter.  If I remove the filter on the router, everything
> >starts to work again.
> >
> >So, does anybody have any thoughts as to why this is happening???
> Ummm, where is your WINS server? Where is other-host? It seems like you
> have a WINS server defined if lookup requests are going through the router
> and are being blocked by the filters.
> If indeed the WINS server is on the other side of the router, or other-host
> is on the other side of the router, then you have to let ports 137-139
> through the router.

Sorry, I wasn't clear on this point.  This machine is acting as the only
WINS server on the network.  When I run smbclient on this machine, it
successfully looks up the clients netbios name, gets the IP address, but
then the communication is blocked by the filter.

See my other response to the list for more information!

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