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Tim Winders twinders at
Mon Feb 15 22:46:44 GMT 1999

On Tue, 16 Feb 1999, Christopher R. Hertel wrote:

> > I'm confused.
> As are we all.

At least I am in good company!  :-)
> > I have the following lines in my smb.conf file (2.0.2, btw):
> > 
> > interfaces = \
> >    
> > bind interfaces only = Yes
> > 
> > The system also have an additional interface of  If I
> > block TCP/UDP ports 137-139 on my router and then try to do
> Can you send the filter?  I assume you're blocking 137-139 for the 
> subnet only, yes?

The router in question is a BayNetworks ASN with 5 ethernet interfaces.
Unfortunately, there is no easy way to send you the filter, but basically,
the way the management software works is, you create a filter template and
then apply it to each interface.  My template was (in essense):


which was then applied ONLY to the ethernet interface on that subnet.
> I guess I'd like to know more about your filters, and the IP address of
> "another_host".  smbclient will open a high-numbered port to query the
> remote server, and replies will return from port 139 on that server to the
> high-numbered port.
> ..I'm probably just missing something.

Or, I didn't give enough information in the first place.  Here is some
more "interesting" items.

The remote host in question is called ATC-SRV and its IP address is and  Here's the interesting part... when I do a
traceroute to that machine, the traceroute goes out the port which is
being filtered, even though there is a more direct route!  See:

twinders> traceroute atc-srv
traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 40 byte
 1  asn-e141 (  2 ms  2 ms  1 ms
 2  arn (  4 ms  5 ms  3 ms
 3  atcrtr (  28 ms  28 ms  11 ms
 4  atc-srv19 (  12 ms  11 ms  20 ms

If you look above, the machine in question has an interface with IP, so it should skip the other interface, no?  This is on a
Digital Unix machine and the /etc/routes has a single entry as:


(which is one of the 5 interfaces on the router that has the filter

One "odd" piece of the configuration is this:  all the interfaces that
samba has bound are actually different elans on a single ATM card.  The
other card is an ethernet card.  I don't know if the OS is shoving the
packets out the ethernet by default or what.  But, I would think samba
(and its utils) would ignore that interface with the smb.conf parameters
listed above.

I can give more information if you want.  Just let me know what you are
looking for!  Thanks for the help...

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