(Off Topic) Open Source Support Advantage?

Michael H. Warfield mhw at wittsend.com
Sun Feb 14 01:24:01 GMT 1999

Dan Kaminsky enscribed thusly:

>     In other words, open source means you can modify an app to suit your
> tastes and still have other people around to save you if it fails.  This
> contrasts to true closed source, where the only way to get a modification is
> to beg the supplier, or source licenses, where you are on your own if your
> patch fails.

	Oh!  I like that comment!  That goes in my bag of quotes!  When
ever I hear someone rag on modifying sources and supporting them, that's
the response!

>     Comments?  We should probably keep this in private email, since it's
> rather off topic, but if there's interest I'll shove a writeup over at
> http://doxpara.netpedia.net .

	Like I said...  I like it.  I hope you don't mind me quoting that
line in some of my articles, cause it's gonna happen!

> Yours Truly,

>     Dan Kaminsky
>     DoxPara Research

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