HPUX --> NT mounting questions

Michael H. Warfield mhw at wittsend.com
Wed Feb 10 23:58:47 GMT 1999

Ken Stone enscribed thusly:

> > I'm having some problems getting Samba to compile on my HP 10.20
> > machine right now but would like to know if this is a useless attempt
> > anyway.

> Samba on 10.20 work great ...

> > I'm looking to use the smbmount command to mount an NT share onto
> > my HP machine. Is this possible with Samba? Does this work under HP
> > 10.20?

> smbmount doesn't work on aything other than Linux that I know of ?
> You can use smbclient ....

> > If this does not work does anyone know of any other free products that
> > allows me to do this?

> Free ... no ... you can look at Sharity (which came from Rumba :-)
> at http://www.obdev.at/Products/Sharity.html ... they might still have
> the old rumba code for free (they may call it Sharity Light) ....

	You might also look at the smbwrapper code with samba.  Not sure
if it runs on HP/UX or not.  It wraps dyanmic linked executables and
intercepts file system calls.  It can then redirect files off of the
/smb path over to a dynamic smb connection.  Might do what you want.

>   -- Ken

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