Running SMB at a different port number

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Wed Feb 10 22:24:40 GMT 1999

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>On Thu, 11 Feb 1999, Chris Smith wrote:
>> Hi Folks,
>> I have successfully built a Samba server to run at a different
>> port number than 139. Does anybody know how one might connect to such
>> a server from Windows (NT, 95, or 98 - it doesnt matter). I can connect
>> properly using smbclient -p but I've no idea whether there is form of
>> "URL" that you can put into Windows to get it to connect to shares or
>> printers on a different port?
>sorry - simply not possible!  end of story!
>you could always write a small redirector running on port 139, in perl.

He doesn't want stuff traveling over the wire on the wrong port.  The only
way to do that is to redirect before it reaches the wire--but since 98
can't, the only solution is to Proxy ARP or IP Masq his Windows box into a
Linux machine which can be set to do the conversion for him.

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