Running SMB at a different port number

Michael H. Warfield mhw at
Wed Feb 10 22:15:47 GMT 1999

Christopher R. Hertel enscribed thusly:

> > On Thu, 11 Feb 1999, Chris Smith wrote:

> > > Hi Folks,
> > > 	I have successfully built a Samba server to run at a different
> > > port number than 139. Does anybody know how one might connect to such 
> > > a server from Windows (NT, 95, or 98 - it doesnt matter). I can connect
> > > properly using smbclient -p but I've no idea whether there is form of
> > > "URL" that you can put into Windows to get it to connect to shares or
> > > printers on a different port?

> > sorry - simply not possible!  end of story!

> > you could always write a small redirector running on port 139, in perl.

> What Luke is trying to say is that the MS implementations (and all others
> that I can think of) are hard-wired to listen on port 139.  This is "okay" 
> because that port address was assiged for that purpose.  In Samba, you can
> get into the code and change it as you want, but the commercial products
> out there won't provide that option.

	Which is probably a good thing!  Sysadmins are scurry around
firewalling these muthers off like crazy!  Last thing they need is
someone committing random acts of terrorism by creating a moving
target!  :-)

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