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what is missing here is the resolution of the workgroup<1d> name.  the
setup you are seeing is similar to that of a lonely win-client sitting on
a broadcast-isolated tcp subnet in its own workgroup.

the resolution of the workroup<1d> name is done only by broadcast.  as PPP
clients are set up as point-to-point netbios clients, this fails.

there are two solutions, one listed below: make the win-client a member of
a domain or workgroup which has a PDC, and then the resolution of
workgroup<1b>, which is resolved either by broadcast (which fails) or by
unicast to wins server (which succeeds), will allow your lonely ppp client
to see other members of the workgroup.

solution to is to use a "netbios datagram distributor" which samba does
not do.  this will proxy-forward udp-138 datagrams to and from the lonely
ppp client and the rest of the network.


On Thu, 4 Feb 1999, Gerald Carter wrote:

> General question sinve we're on the topic of 
> browsing lately.
> Here's my setup.
> Windows NT 4.0 client logging into network via PPP connection.
>   - DNS server set
>   - WINS server for network defined as well.
> In order to browse, I set the client to be a member 
> of the same workgroup as the WINS server. The WINS server 
> is the DMB. Now I can get a complete of workgroups 
> registered with the server and browse them correctly.
> My question is this: Is there a more general way to 
> get this to work? In other works, I would like suggestions 
> to get browsing to work other than setting the workgroup 
> of the client to match the workgroup of the WINS/DMB server.
> Comments?
> jerry
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