WINS Replication ... Is a non-MS scheme acceptable

Jeremy Allison jeremy at
Sun Feb 7 20:32:09 GMT 1999

Richard wrote :

> Now, the question is, do those people who have expressed a need for WINS 
> replication need is that badly, that a non-MS compatible scheme would be 
> acceptable? 
> Is it worth investing some effort in making the supplied patch work against 
> 2.0.2? 

If this is the patch I'm thinking of, both Andrew and I
took a look at it just after it came in and rejected it
due to it being done over UDP and being very insecure.

Using that code anyone could inject entries into a WINS
server (which isn't really secure anyway, I know) - but
this seemed to just invite abuse (as far as I can recall :-).

I remember us asking the authors (who were Russian I
believe) if they could fix these problems and re-submit,
but they never did.

If we're going to do a Samba to Samba WINS replication
I'd rather take the time and do it right now we have
a stable working nmbd, rather than rush in some code
that we'll then have to support for ever more :-) :-).



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