Kimmie Dicaire kdicaire at vic.com
Sun Feb 7 15:09:57 GMT 1999

Yesterday morning I downloaded and installed Samba 2.0.1 hoping that would
fix the smbmount with Linux 2.2.x problem.....and it seemed to do so.
Last night I seen that 2.0.1 was being retracted due to another bug and it
was recommended to use 2.0.2, so I downloaded it.  Problem #1 the version
says its 2.0.1 Problem #2 the smbmount with Linux 2.2.x is back causing a
reboot to clear. 

Kimmie Dicaire                 Co-Owner/System Admin
kdicaire at novaone.dynip.com     http://novaone.dynip.com/asdw
K&R Information Technologies   http://novaone.dynip.com

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