Benjamin Kuit bj at
Sun Feb 7 14:59:17 GMT 1999

This might be a bug ..


   617          init_structs();
   619          if (!reload_services(False))
   620                  return(-1);

init_structs eventually has file_init() called, which uses
Globals.max_open_files to set real_max_open_files, a static
int in smbd/files.c.

The problem is that Globals.max_open_files is only set to
MAX_OPEN_FILES by init_globals, which is first (and only?)
called through reload_services(), the result is that
smbd/files.c:real_max_open_files is set to 0.

Surprisingly enough, on my system isn't stopping files being opened,
probably because the limit is set to maxfiles+FUDGEFACTOR and I'm not
using it in a large system, but it does cause a problem in the call
to file_new(), which has the calculation:

64      first_file = (getpid() ^ (int)time(NULL)) % real_max_open_files;

Since real_max_open_files = 0, the daemon dies of an Arithmetic Exception.

This was causing my roaming profile problem, and probably some others that
I was ignoring.


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