WINS Replication ... Is a non-MS scheme acceptable

Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Sun Feb 7 15:45:00 GMT 1999

In digging through the Samba-Bugs list, I came across this remarkable message.
Remarkable, that is, in light of the need of some people for WINS replication.

Here is an extract.

>>     The main feature Samba still lacks in is WINS replication capability.
>> So we made a decision to try to donate it to the Samba community. Patch
>> itself and README file with short instructions on how to apply it are
>> attached here. We tried to keep the code as clear as we can making the
>> minimal changes to the 1.9.18p2 source code and moving all new functions to
>> a new file to Samba source tree - nmbd_winsneighbors.c 
>>     Patch included here introduces WINS replication between patched Samba
>> 1.9.18p2 servers located anywhere you can send udp to.
>>     New parameters to smb.conf:
>>     wins neighbors = a.b.c.d  a.x.y.z     /* list of Samba servers to
>> 					     replicate to */
>>     wins sync interval = 300		  /* time interval between two
>> 					     consecutive replications */

[Rest deleted]

Now, the question is, do those people who have expressed a need for WINS
replication need is that badly, that a non-MS compatible scheme would be

Is it worth investing some effort in making the supplied patch work against

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