Old workgroup refuses to die

Matthew Geier matthew at janus.law.usyd.edu.au
Sun Feb 7 07:05:54 GMT 1999

 I seem to have a workgroup that will just not die , ie

This machine has a workgroup list:  (janus)

        Workgroup            Master
        ---------            -------
        LAW                  JANUS
        LAW-STUDENT          KELLER
        LAWS                 KELLER

 Keller used to be the master for LAWS. It is now the PDC (Samba 2.1alpha)
for LAW-STUDENT. Keller only reports the workgroups 'LAW' and 'LAW-STUDENT'.

 Ive stopped samba on janus  (2.0.2), gone into the browse.dat and wins.dat
files and removed every reference to LAWS, but something keeps putting
the record back, with the master of keller. 
 One - I cant figure out what machine is re-injecting the workgroup - but
also, shouldnt the record have timed out long ago now?. Keller hasnt been
involved with LAWS for nearly 4 weeks now, yet my server 'janus' seems to
think keller is the master for LAWS.

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