smbclient //host/service/directory ??

Benjamin Kuit bj at
Sat Feb 6 14:35:52 GMT 1999

Just wondering if I've missed something obvious here.

I seem to remember being able to do something like

smbclient //host/service/dir

However, this fails saying that host doesn't have a service nor user
'service/dir', rather than connecting to 'service' then changing
to subdirectory 'dir'.

For example, taking directly from the NTDOM FAQ, it recommends that
instead of using //%N/%U/profile, one should do something like

Well, it seems that neither can work anyway. I get error logs
from 'smbclient //localhost/profiles/bj' saying:

  lp_servicenumber: couldn't find profiles/bj
  checking for home directory profiles/bj gave (NULL)

And on the NT workstation, when logging in, says that the roaming
profiles is unavailable, so its going to use a local version.

I used to have roaming profiles working in this manner before, although
I dont remember what version of samba I was using at the time.

So is the NTDOM FAQ out of date :-), or was this a mistake?

Workaround of course is having
logon path = \\%N\Profiles
instead of 
logon path = \\%N\Profiles\%U


	path = <dir>/profiles/%U

instead of

	path = <dir>/profiles

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