Some help with broadcasts through a Linux system

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Fri Feb 5 01:26:37 GMT 1999

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>> Can't, but a code hack has been written by Richard last I checked.
>That would be cool to see

Heh, do you know of any open source apps that do *anything* with broadcast
packets?  I'd like to try my hand at patching the source to redir to move packets around--might be a good lesson, I think.

>> Damn.  Smurfing really makes this rather useful technique almost
>Not neccessarily. Suggested current practice - and eventually common 8) is
>that now traffic shaping is becoming deployed on big routers, PC's whatever
>that ICMP is limited to a small percentage (4 from memory) of traffic when
>there is other stuff that needs sending.

This would mitigate problems but not eliminate them.  Pretty much every
windows machine will respond to the contents of an nbtstat--fake repeated
requests from a victim IP, and ICMP involved either.

Of course, nbtstat gives a little less data than, say, 50K ping :-)


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