Some help with broadcasts through a Linux system

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>> Actually isn't there a bit of ambiguity there?  When one bridges two
>> segments together, all packets on segment A exist on segment B.  When one
>No. There are filter rules and an anti loop layer. See IEE802.1. Better yet
>spend the money on beer and believe me. A repeater does the above

Hurm, I think it's time to admit you probably know more about the subject
than I do :-)  Besides, spend the money on beer?  Works for me :-)

>> last known subnet of computer FOO.  Bridging implies a lack of
>> as some people will say using broadcasts implies anyways.
>I think your terminology is a little inaccurate, the point rather ruined by
>that but once you get into layer 3 switches the actual thrust of the
>is quite valid.

Layer 3 switches.  Hurm, can I study Layer 3 switches while drinking said

>Anyway the only question is "Can you set Linux 2.2 to forward letter
>The answer is I dont know

Can't, but a code hack has been written by Richard last I checked.

Damn.  Smurfing really makes this rather useful technique almost unusable...

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