Bad Suggestion!

William Stuart william at
Wed Feb 3 22:07:20 GMT 1999


I have read in recent days many issues regarding the future of SAMBA.  It
seems to me that there are many complaints about how NT works and the
protocols they use lacking in...well...intelligence...

Perhaps it is time that a member of the SAMBA team wrote a 'SAMBA Network
Service' for NT and a "Client for SAMBA Networks" for Win95/98.


I know.  The whole point of SAMBA is to NOT require any client side
modification, but imagine the possibilities:

* Users could see the UNIX file and directory modes and change them.
* a right-click menu item could perform d2u u2d conversions.
* port 445 support could be rewritten on both sides.
* LDAP/PDC could be written with a guarantee that it will work on NT5
without server side modification.

...and much, much more...

You guys have the "Embrace" down pat...  Now, how about some "Extend"!

William Stuart (william at
"...and that's why I suggest putting your IP router in a suppository
configuration"  --Dilbert 1/8/1999

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