Some help with broadcasts through a Linux system

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Wed Feb 3 16:53:58 GMT 1999

>     What we don't have, as far as I can tell, is a way to answer name
> resolution queries for a WINS client who can't hear the broadcasts that the
> Samba server can.

if your network neighbourhood is set up correctly (with all clients that
you have control over having the same wins server OR one and only one
client per broadcast-isolated subnet - windows or samba - having wins
proxy switched on) then there is no need to hear broadcasts that the samba
server can hear.
>     The WINS server actually *does* give you a list of workgroups, mind you.

it does no such thing.


it's been two years since i answered browser-related questions.  i gave up
because i was answering the same questions all the time.  i did so because
i was developing nmbd and wanted to make sure that if people didn't have
browsing working it wasn't anything to do with nmbd itself.

can i recommend to people that they refer to the samba archives dating
back two to three years, there are several examples of the kinds of setups
being described here.  the solution and the understanding required are
still the same.


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