Some help with broadcasts through a Linux system

Dan Kaminsky effugas at
Wed Feb 3 11:43:10 GMT 1999

I think the problems are related.  Linux does *NOT* like broadcasts in
general.  It's probably a setting over in the kernel.

Boy I wish I wasn't so dependant upon Caldera for Novell for Linux.  I could
actually recompile my kernel.

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>Hi again,
>OK, what I did not make clear was that I was trying to use directed
>broadcasts, not the local broadcasts address (
>That is, in the context of the following diagram:
>   --------------------[Linux]---------------------
>If from I ping, I would expect to see the
>broadcast on the other interface.
>Linux seems to be stoping it, and I cannot find a switch to prevent it from
>stopping it.
>This is screwing up my attempts to test out 'remote announce' in Samba.
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