Remote browse sync, etc

Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Wed Feb 3 04:44:16 GMT 1999


I have been testing remote browse sync and remote announce, and after much
wailing and gnashing of teeth and rending of clothes, I have got something

I have a setup like this:

   [Win95]            [Linux1]            [Linux2]
      |     Net1       |    |     Net2        |
      +----------------+    +-----------------+

That is, linux1 is on two networks.

All are in a workgroup/domain FOWLPLAY, and I have Linux2 configured to
announce lots of names, and  doing a 'remote announce net1", while Linux1
is doing a remote browse sync on Net2.

After stoping and starting Samba on Linux2, and making sure that Linux1
wins all elections, I finaly got names to turn up in Linux1 so Win95 could
see them

Can anyone comment on my config?

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