take on future events

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>Dan Kaminsky wrote:
>> It would be preferable probably to copy this protocol, for mixed usage
>> shops.  Samba exists, almost by definition, in places like this.
> It's the common case, not the general case.
> Serving 80% of the general case is A Good Thing. Serving
> 80% of the common case is a slow decline to irrelevancy (:-))
> Samba exists to support MS clients, which is the general case.
> Supporting MS servers is a good idea, but is not the only idea.
> Assuming it is eliminates consideration of most of my customers'
> sites. Which Would Be Bad.

OK, let me clarify:

Multiple protocols that execute identical procedures aren't a good thing.
Unless there are major technical faults in the MS method *that outweigh the
massive pain of incompatibility*, we really shouldn't go off developing
another WINS exchange protocol.  Heh, *IT'S WHAT WE'D WANT MS TO DO*, not
that they ever would :-)

Some poor manager at MS probably killed himself over HTTP...

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