WINS replication

Jeremy Allison jallison at
Mon Feb 1 18:48:47 GMT 1999

Dan Kaminsky wrote:

>     What I'd like is for /var/lock/samba.d/browse.dat to automatically
> convert and enter itself into /var/lock/samba.d/wins.dat .  That way,
> clients not within the broadcast zone could still "pick up" on the IP's via
>     This is of specific concern for me since I had to sacrifice my NetBIOS
> access in order to directly connect my Linux machine to the network.  My
> windows machine exists Proxy ARP'ed through a 100mbit hub, but since it's on
> a different broadcast address and there's no way to bridge broadcasts in
> Linux, it gets everything but NetBIOS.

For Samba to Samba WINS replication, here's what I have in mind.

Firstly - convert nmbd to a gdbm database. Chris was interested
in doing this originally but is now doing java stuff.

Secondly - as entries are added/deleted write them out into
a "pending transactions" file.

Every few minutes, use some file transfer protocols (maybe
a new IPC$ rap call ?) to transfer them to replicating Samba

Then the nmbd's read and apply the changes to their local

Every 6 hours or so, replicate out any transactions, close 
down the database, and then use rsync to transfer the whole
gdbm files from a designated WINS master to all WINS slaves
and re-open the database.

This ensures no database "drift" with replication error.

Comments ?


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