Samba Directory Services, was Re: take on future events

Dan Kaminsky effugas at
Mon Feb 1 17:08:17 GMT 1999

>> WINS *is* single point of failure, remember?  :-)  WINS server goes down,
>WINS is independent of DFS.

Not as I'm referring them to.  WINS is a way of tracking what machines are
out there.  In UNC Namespace, workgroups do *not* exist, and system name +
workgroup name are both configured by the client.

In DFS-Space, this is unnecessary.  The admin can set anything to any name,
and it'll work since DFS allows pure IP's to be given as system names.  DFS
really has alot of potential for evil :-)

>my "evil plans" i mentioned earlier were to
>put a "round-robin" or similar response into samba WINS service in order
>to provide multiple indentical smbd servers under the same NetBIOS name,
>all of which should provide DFS-root points (and no other file-shares).

Unsure what you mean by this.

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